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The Puzzle Pieces of Our Lives


Hope Whispers; Nature Speaks

Even in the bare and leafless tree branches of winter can be heard a whisper promising new beginnings.   A story that has experienced the ebbs of life can also be reframed to reflect the beautiful life flows.   


This 6-week course will leverage nature to see and see again while also exploring the chapters of our lives in how they might be reframed for healing, dignity, and worth.    

Hope Continues to Whisper 

Each moment we experience and each person we meet are puzzle pieces that complete a picture of our lives.  Are there some puzzle pieces we wish had fallen on the floor?  Maybe other pieces we grieve their loss, yet if we looked again would we find them still fit into place? Maybe there is a section of the puzzle we haven’t started yet.  We can see possibilities in an image, yet where to begin?   

Using the mindful exercise of putting together a puzzle and reflective journaling in response to weekly prompts,  students of this 5 week course will be able to explore the stories of life to view – or perhaps re-discover – the extraordinary picture pieced together thus far and will also discover hope and possibilities for the pieces yet to find. 

The Puzzle Pieces of our Lives

The dance of grace between opposites   Are the leaves that change color and then gently float to the ground whispering loss?  Or are the leaves changing from multiple shades of green to vibrant yellows and reds before becoming a blanket for the grasses below whispering promise that when we let go, we make room for new beginnings to come?  

This six-week course is a continuation of the course Hope Whispers; Nature Speaks:  How both can Aid us in Reframing our Life Stories.  

Hope is in the Extraordinary
Story of You
The Art of Hearing
Course(s)  I and II 
Hope, Healing, and Wholeness
Individual Coaching 

In this four-hour workshop attendees will be provided creative prompts and interactive exercises that offer ways to reflect on and write (or draw) about the stories of one's life.  

Two Courses:


One is a 6-week course in which attendees will be provided with a variety of tools and interactive exercises that teach how to build and experience meaningful relationships virtually. 


The second is a 10- week course in which attendees will be provided with a variety of tools, interactive exercises, and creative assignments that teach how to deepen one's listening.   Applications will include the ability to achieve deeper listening within, to each other, virtually when physical space separates, across space when a loved one (human or fur) has left Earth, to one's body, and Spiritually.

  • One time sessions (30 minutes or 60 minutes)

  • On-going sessions (30 minutes or 60 minutes); frequency and duration determined by mentee 

Life Story Writing 
Speaking Engagements
  • Legacy

  • Reframed for Healing 

  • Inspirational messages of hope

Note:  Discounts available for single parents and college students 

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